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One word describes it all; experience!  Our pilots aim to take you on the safest Ohio hot air balloon ride in Cincinnati or Dayton areas.  Operating hot air balloons for over 35 accident-free consecutive years mean that quality and are safety constantly adhered.  While some operators may charge less, we don’t feel experience can come at cheap prices for any balloon flight!


Ensure you receive the best ride.  We take safety at our utmost precaution.  When we see safety conditions not correct for safe southwestern Ohio hot air balloon rides, we won’t fly.  As safety professional hot air balloon pilots, succumbing to peer pressure cannot happen.  While some operators and corporate* balloons my fly in less than ideal conditions, rest assured YOUR balloon ride flies with safety in mind.  *corporate balloons, and sometimes training flights, requiring demonstration balloon flights in less than prime weather conditions do not carry passengers or guests on board.  Instructional balloon flights of this caliber may be noted when your if your scheduled hot air balloon ride postpones due to weather, where another balloon flying in the distance may be seen.

Up To Date Equipment!

Treat yourself to modern luxury!  So few people in the world get to experience Hot Air Balloon Rides, especially near Dayton Ohio or Cincinnati Ohio.  Experience exclusive scenic surroundings while Floating” on a flight!  Why not take a hot air balloon flight in style and comfort.  Our Hot Air Balloons and support vehicles contain the appropriate capacities; all guests enjoy scenic Warren County Ohio views with the same personal space, no matter the size of the balloon and independent of how many guests aboard.  Hot Air Balloon Flights require guests to stand throughout the flight, seating not available, except for special requests and circumstances.  Standing room only aboard a hot air balloon flight drawn out of necessity and design, and that comes to your safety during the Ohio hot air balloon ride landing sequence.  Don’t worry, our professional staff provides you with hot air balloon outing safety information before each flight.

Buy Here, Fly Here!

Yeah, we know that answer confuses.  Generally the advantage with nation-wide certificate re-sellers allows you to use your Cincinnati balloon ride certificate anywhere, nationwide* (*as long as the nationwide re-seller has a vendor in your geographical desired location).   While Gentle Breeze remains a Southern Dayton Ohio based Hot Air Balloon ride operator, we partner with Adrenaline 365 for nationwide certificates.  Yes, Adrenaline 365 does inform customers in advance where their balloon ride operators exist.  As a reputable balloon ride-operator we also provide you a nationwide-based hot-air certificate upon request.  On the other hand, when you plan to fly a balloon locally, we recommend purchase locally.  Of course we'd like you to purchase from us, keeping your dollar local, helps the local economy and well as saving you money from the balloon vendor middleman associated with nationwide re-sellers. Most nationwide Hot Air Balloon Ride re-sellers only own a phone number, web site and a computer, not the actual aircraft, we do!

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