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Hot Air Balloon Ride Flight Information

Enjoy a Balloon flight, piloted by experienced and safety-conscious pilots, from the area's best tour operator.

Filmed from one of our guests, this video gives an insight of what to expect during your Hot Air Balloon flight:

The Southern Ohio Balloon Ride Stuff

Hot Air Balloon Rides Experience in Cincinnati and DaytonAll flights provide a full 3-hour experience! Your ballooning excursion starts off with a pre-flight safety briefing, followed by preparation and inflation of the balloon.  Want to know more?  Join in the fun as you participate in the preparations!

The EXCITEMENT builds!  Climb aboard the basket for your flight and fly with the birds for approximately 1 hour.

The final landing occurs down wind, where your pilot navigates toward remains a secret until your there.  Here, after packing away the equipment, transport provided back to the original departure point via one of our special recovery vehicles by our professional & courtesy crew chief.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE; Before final good-byes, all passengers receive amenities such as champagne toast with souvenir cups & first flight certificates available upon request. Other souvenirs such as Photos, T-shirts, Champagne Flutes & Hats available for purchase.

Complimentary bottle water & soft drinks always available. *Non-alcoholic sparkling available upon request and for guests under the age of 21.

It's huge!  How long does it really take to inflate and stand up a 300,000 Cu. Ft. Balloon!

Hot Air Balloon Rides based on timing

Meeting Times for Hot Air Balloon Ride Launches in Dayton & CincinnatiFor safety, meeting times scheduled thirty minutes prior to sunrise or two & half hours prior to sunset.

Our standard meeting & launch location is at our office at the Warren County Airport. Due to scheduling demands, wind or weather conditions or any FAA temporary flight restrictions, meeting & launch locations may vary.


Mother Nature factors with Hot Air Balloon Rides

Weather Restrictions for Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dayton & CincinnatiThere's times she has a mind of her own. But when on her good side here's a few of the conditions we look for. Please keep in mind the Sun is one of the last items we look at in order to make a go or no-go Mason or Beavercreek area balloon flight decision.

Winds should be less than 9 mph on the ground for balloon ride launches and hot air balloon landings.

Wind speeds at altitude affect the ability of hot air balloons safety launch requirements.

No rain/precipitation in a radius of 75 miles of the hot air balloon launch site.

No thunderstorms within a 75 radius of the balloon ride launch site.

Visibility & ceiling according to the FAA regulations pertaining to Ohio Hot Air Ballooning.

The Federal Aviation Administration sets minimum safety parameters, however Hot Air Balloon Rides enforce a higher level of safety.  Postpone flights occur, but only to uphold the utmost safety hot air ballooning standards.  Our competitor's lag with Gentle breeze's Hot Air Balloon Ride Pilots flying balloons safely for over 35 consecutive years.

Temperatures during balloon flight remain relatively similar to ambient surface temperature. Under normal conditions, air temperature decreases 2.5 degrees per 1000 feet in altitude. A typical Bellbrook, Fairfield, Hamilton, Springboro area balloon flight rises up to 3,000 feet. Additionally, hot air balloons travel with wind so little or no breeze cools you however radiant heat from the burners cause a warmer basket.   Moraine, Kettering along with Milford and Anderson township balloon riding recommend hats for all guests onboard!

Can we touch the fabric?

How to Assist with Hot Air Balloon FlightsAbsolutely YES!  Occasionally we ask helping hands during the inflation and/or deflation.  Just don't step on the fabric.  Please let us know if you are not physically capable or unable. It's a great way to jump in and join the camaraderie! Crew opportunities are always available for one of our balloons. Your pilot can give you details.


Flight Guidelines

Safety & Health Requirements

All passengers must be in good physical health, capable of climbing in and out of the basket.

  • Must be at least 48" tall and over the age of six.
  • Any passenger under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian in order to sign the boarding pass at the time of flight.
  • Able to stand for at least one hour
  • Capable of walking a distance of up to 2 city blocks at a leisurely pace.
  • Able to withstand a jar or jolt upon landing, equivalent to jumping off three steps or about 30".

Individuals with heart conditions, back or hip problems, weak knees or ankles, fainting spells, recent surgeries of any kind (within 6 months) or currently under the care of a physician, please provide us with this important information. Your pilot & crew need to know for your safety and flight arrangements. Anyone with doctor's limitations should contact your physician. All passengers that are currently pregnant must delay booking until post delivery. We consider your safety first.
Passenger's weight is extremely important. For your safety and the safety of others that maybe on board with you, please supply the most acurate weight when making your reservation.


Passengers should wear outdoor clothing that is comfortable for the particular season and the time of the flight. Dress for being in fields (for landing) by wearing full shoes or boots and long pants. Please NO open toed shoes, high heels or shorts or skirts. Morning flights may encounter dew or wet covered ground. For winter and cool weather flying, we recommend wearing layers of clothes. Put on as many as needed to remain comfortable. You can always remove a layer or two. It will not be noticeably colder in the balloon. If temperatures are comfortable on the ground, you should be comfortable in the air. For summer flights we suggest a hat or head covering. During take off you usually feel radiant heat from the burner.

On Board Luggage

Bring hand held camera equipment. Due to limited space in the basket, we recommend handbags; back packs and camera bags remain on the ground. The baskets are designed to carry passengers, not luggage.

Liability of Release Form

Ballooning, as in all other forms of transportation, does involve some risks. We require all passengers comply with, and follow explicitly, the directions or instructions of Gentle Breeze pilots at all times. Therefore, Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company, Ltd. requires passengers to sign a waiver AFTER a verbal pre-flight briefing and PRIOR to boarding the balloon. A parent or guardian will have to sign for anyone under the age of 18.

Weather Information

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Rides take safety first and may postpone flights due to unfavorable weather related phenomenon.  Weather considerations include the proximity of thunderstorms, frontal passages, unstable air masses, surface winds, winds aloft forecasts and winds observed at altitudes of 100 feet estimated 9 mph or stronger.  Weather warnings outlining frigid temperatures, heat warnings and advisories are factored into Ohio hot air balloon ride flight safety.

Hot Air Balloon Rides policy ensures that you receive the complete package during good weather days & fair to all guests, equally and review weather several hours in advance of flight via highly detailed aviation weather briefings.  Dayton Ohio hot air balloon ride flight decisions never based on commonly available extended or long range forecasts,  as these types of forecasts represent a best guess of weather patterns verses detailed analysis. Cincinnati Balloon Riding pilots remain optimistic & require the latest possible aviation weather forecast, hours before flight.   

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Rides kindly asks all guests to please refrain from calling days in advance to check on the weather. Aviation forecasts are valid for less than 24 hours. Commonly, some guests rearrange flights based on long-range forecasts only to find that they reschedule themselves out of a perfectly hot air balloon flyable day into a marginal day. We request in exchange for us honoring your requested date & time that you honor balloon ride guiding policies.  

Instantly available detailed balloon ride flight weather information found by contacting our Ohio Hot Air Balloon Ride Flight Information Hotline at 1-877-932-9007 option 1.  Just listen carefully that the outgoing message is for your flight.  Cincinnati/Dayton Hot Air balloon flight information generally updated twice daily by 9PM for next-morning hot air rides, and 3PM for evening balloon rides.  When calling, if your flight not updated, please try again after your assigned balloon rides weather-check time, found in your Ohio ballon ride confirmation email.

       Remember Ohio Balloon Ride rules exist for not only your safety but the safety of others as well.

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