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Hot Air Balloon Refurbishment Information


Many clients opt to rebuild verses replace.  Have you seen the costs of new these days?  Got a balloon that just needs a little TLC?  Check out some work we have completed:

Keller Farms, Columbus Oh.

Keller Farms, Columbus Oh.  Opted to rebuild the older fabric above the logo area.  The decision made easy due to the cost of building a new balloon with the inlaid logo outweighed the cost of rebuilding the porous area.  Rebuilt completed at 950 hours total airframe time.  Today, the balloon currently logged over 1300 hours and passes all annual/100 hour inspection requirements.  A well spent investment.

B.O.B. - Bud's Old Balloon.

The yellow nylon below the equator became porous and weak.  Customer opted to rebuild the yellow as the pink HyperLast shows no sign of degradation.  This airframe has about 200 logged hours, however is over 25 years old, hence the porous nature of the original nylon. 


An Aerostar basket as it arrived in our shop and another as it left.

A T Basket in process:


A dirty, old burner as it arrives and again as it leaves the shop:


Red Baron Balloon Corps, LLC, certified repair stations #R4BR027N serving the area since 1994.  Our chief inspector has been inspecting since 1987.  All aircraft, hot air balloons, included, are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be inspected and repaired by qualified inspectors and mechanics.  Inspections must occur at least annually, if not sooner.  RBBC, LLC remains Southwestern Ohio’s sole FAA-Certified repair facility.  We service our fleet as well as our ride and advertising competitors.  The repair station wouldn’t be a repair station with out the personnel.  All inspectors must also be FAA-Certified inspectors in or to obtain authority to carry out inspections and repairs on any aircraft.  FAA requirements dictate that licensed inspectors obtain at minimum number of years of supervised training and our inspectors have been in the business for more than 25 years, each!  We currently retain four licensed inspectors and some have been in the business as far back as the 1970’s. 


Parts obtained from each respective balloon manufacturer and/or FAA approved parts manufacturer.  Only certificated parts used.  Workmanship provided with our 30 years experience and attention to detail while following manufacturer approved procedures.  

Ready for a Quote?

No problem!  Give us a ring to discuss.  Quotes available with required details.  Before any work commences, we analyze the aircraft in order to provide guidance to effect on value, post refurbishment.  Give us a ring at 513-932-9007, ask for Brian at extension 86.

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