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USB Photos - Must specify your flight

  • $30.00

USB Memory chip, 2GB or 4GB, contains stock photos plus all photos taken during your flight.  Must specify your flight date/time.  

Photos available for viewing post-flight in our office or support vehicle and purchasable immediately after your flight.  When time does not permit, you may alternately purchase your USB memory device to be delivered via US mail.  These thumb-drives are credit card sized, where the USB connection flips out of the end and inserted into your computer.  As they are credit-card style, it is possible to invert the device which cannot be read by your computer.  If this is the case, remove the USB from your computer, flip over and reinsert.  Any computer build since circa 1995 can read these USB memories. 

These are USB thumb drives, not Sd card, compact flash or any other specialized camera cards.   

USB Photos - Must specify your flight

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