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Bond With Your Dad

Laurie Givin - Wednesday, June 08, 2016
Oh, fathers of the world! Do we have any reason (at all?!) to not love 'em? They are always trying to be the best they can be, even though it may not work out sometimes........ 


Uhm, yes, they may have their moments sometimes, but who cares, they show us what love is, just maybe little different than what we're used to with Mom. 

While dad's love may come off a little.....weird sometimes, you never know, maybe he's trying to be that tough guy that everyone see's him as! And maybe he can't cook the best omelette, but he can fix our bikes! Dad's goofy teasing and hyper play? Yes please! Mom's screaming "nap time" -uhm, nope! Not a fan! 

All parents make mistakes...but they never really mean to hurt us.....

WOW! Nice parenting, Dad! LOL

Well, since our dads' look like they are really into that "different way" kind of love, why not take your dad BALLOONING this coming Father's Day? We know you've been giving them cards, ties, and belts, for like years now, so ditch them already! 

We are pretty confident he'll like this better! What a cool adventure it would be to take your dad up in a hot air balloon?! You'll also toast to a glass of champagne after sightseeing, and let's be honest, who doesn't love that?! 

Mom might be a little jealous... so take your mom, too! Or take the whole family, that's way better! Make it a special day for Dad, like what he used to do on your birthday (or other occassion)! Bond with him, but this time... up above the skies!

Contact us about your Father's Day ride! Click here or call 513-932-9007 to reserve!

A huge shout out also to MOMS who have to be the dads, too! Hands down to you! Cheers!

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