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"Hot" Holiday Specials

Laurie Givin - Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Anyone out there looking for a super unique gift to get for your loved ones this holiday season?! We have an idea for you!!

Instead of buying 20 little gifts (gifts that they'll probably forget about after the holidays), how about get just ONE BIG gift?! 

Maybe you're new to the idea of riding in a basket that goes 2,000 feet in the air....yeah, we get it! It can definitely be a scary concept! But when you really, reeeeeally think about it, isn't that something that you and your loved one will totally remember for the rest of your life?!

That's what we thought! 

You also have NOTHING to be afraid of! Our licensed professionals here at Gentle Breeze have been flying Hot Air Balloons for over 30 years! 

NOW until DECEMBER 30TH - you can use our promo code: HOLIDAY to get $25 off per person on flights of $199 or greater on flights for 2016!! Scheduling restrictions MAY apply, so book soon! This code cannot be used with any other sale or discount and must be a new sale! 

If you're unsure of when you, or the person you are giving this as a gift to, would be able to fly, you also have the option to buy a gift voucher!

This way, you can both get on our site together and figure out a date that will work! If you're not flying with them, they will be able to get on the site and book their ride as well!

More info regarding the booking from the gift voucher can be found on our website! 

Other info about our hot air balloon rides: Flights usually originate from our primary location - Warren Co. airport, Lebanon. Passengers will have a bird's eye view of Warren County and surrounding suburbs. Enjoy complimentary bottle water & soft drinks, champagne available for passengers over 21 post flight with souvenir champagne cups. 

So what in the world are you waiting for?! Book the ride & experience of a lifetime and come fly with us here at Gentle Breeze! 

We promise you won't regret it! 

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