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Location Balloon Rides

  • $349.00

Available any day of the week, including holidays!

Package Price per person.

We bring the balloon, pilot & crew to you!  What a way to have a bird's eye view of your house!

Define your memorable moment with our location flight service, where the balloon takes-off from YOUR location.  Our pilots review aeronautical charts and maps for feasibility.  Enjoy complimentary bottle water & soft drinks throughout your excursion.  Champagne available post flight with souvenir champagne cups.  Non-alcoholic sparking are available upon request and for guests under 21.  Reservations required.

Inflation areas require a minimum grass space 300' by 300', free and clear of all obstacles, such as buildings, trees, ponds, fences, animals & livestock, overhead telephone and electric lines and accessible by vehicle.  Mileage surcharge billed at $0.99 per mile round trip for all location flights.  Restrictions & limitations apply regarding location & size of launch areas, wind speed & direction, visibility & cloud layers, proximity to air space & unfavorable flying & landing areas.  All FAA imposed restrictions & regulations adhered.  Additional charges apply for on site inspections.  Contact us for details.

Any locations located inside Cincinnati’s I-275 loop or Dayton’s I-675 loop will be considered ‘Metro’ flights.  All pricing and restrictions apply.  Please see the Metro package for details.

Call, email or add to the shopping cart and 'Get a Quote' for exact pricing details.  Be sure to let us know the date and address.

Location Balloon Rides

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