Conditions Precedent for Hot Air Balloon Riding:

Age Requirement:   Anyone under 18 requires a parent or legal guardian to sign their respective waiver of liability.  Guests over 75 should contact our office to ensure physical requirements.  The Waiver of Liability and Pre-Flight Briefings available for download.

Weight Requirement:   Individual ACCURATE ‘Clothed’ weight information required.  Please remember this is for your safety as well as the pilots and anyone else on board.  This information is kept confidential and only viewed internally. Bookings may be declined or rescheduled for inaccurate weight information. 

Number of Guests:  Total number of guests that will be flying.  This is asked for your booking AND your customer record as group sizes may change upon subsequent reservations.

Physical Condition Requirements:  *Please list ANY physical limiting conditions for all guests. Everyone must be able to: 

 – Stand for at least one hour & walk at a leisurely pace 2-3 city blocks.

 – Recents surgeries including knee, hip etc replacements.

 – Advise at time of scheduling of any hip, knee, back or ankle problems that would hinder anyone from taking any bounces, jars or jolts that may be similar to jumping from a chair or riding a roller coaster.

 – NO pregnant ladies

All information is for your safety and the safety of others that maybe on board. Falsify or not divulging information could result in rescheduled flights or cancellation.

Cancellation and rescheduling fees may apply.   Per FAA, final authority rests with the pilot in command.

Additional information:  Please advise if there is a special occasion or special needs. The more information that is given to us PRIOR the better we are able to accommodate you. Keep in mind this is for our information and your safety.