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Flying Ohio Hot Air Balloon Rides for over 40 years and now celebrating our 36th year as Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company, Ltd! Continuing the tradition near Dayton, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio since 1980, modern-day hot air balloon flights only date back to the mid 1970’s, resulting in Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company as Ohio’s fore-running Hot Air Balloon Ride vendor. Your once-in-a-lifetime Hot Air Balloon experience starts right here at Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon; we take your safety as our primary objective. With the oldest, continuously operating full time Hot Air Balloon Ride vendor in the Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton area.

As Southern Ohio’s full-time hot air balloon ride vendor, HotAirBalloonRides.com not only provides safe, leisurely scenic Cincinnati hot air balloon rides over as well as around Dayton Ohio suburban areas, our services also include a Certified Hot Air Balloon Maintenance Facility, several Certified Hot Air Balloon Mechanics, and FAA appointed Hot Air Balloon / Fixed Wing Flight Examiner.

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