About Hot Air Balloon Rides

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company voted Best Scenic Tour in Ohio

Interesting Facts About Us

Our operations originally established in 1978 and re-established in 1988 under current ownership.

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company, Ltd. offers a variety of ballooning services. As a full-time and full service hot air balloon company featuring rides, Southern Ohio FAA-certified maintenance & inspection facility, (FAA #R4BR027N), as well as retaining SW Ohio's only FAA designated pilot examiner.

Our ride balloons carry between 2 and 10 passengers in each balloon; however our capacity allows us to carry 20+ in multiple balloons per flight. We also manage several corporate contracts.

While based in Southern Ohio, our services extend throughout the midwest.

Our FAA-commercially licensed and insured balloon pilots conduct flight activities under the FAA guidelines & regulations. We are accredited members with the Balloon Federation of America and AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilot Assocation.)


Flying state of the art equipment and comfortable ground transportation ensures a safe and pleasurable experience for all.


  • 'Exclusive' Flights including a champagne or non alcoholic post flight. Shared and Standard flights complimentary champagne or non alcoholic toast post flight. Complimentary bottled water is always available.
  • FAA Certified Repair Services
  • Authorized Lindstrand dealer
  • FAA Certified Flight Examiner for LTA and fixed wing


SPECTACULAR sunrise flights and soothing sunset flights.
After landing, enjoy refreshments and champagne with souvenir cups to toast your experience. The camaraderie serves as an exceptional experience to cherish and remember as photos are exchanged. Flight times are approximate one hour, but the memories last a lifetime!

WHY BUY FROM Hot Air Balloon Rides . com?

  • Buy here, fly here! Purchasing directly from us, instead of a brokering agent cuts out any hidden or last minute charges. ALL airfares & any upgrades are discussed prior to purchase.
  • FAA rated & licensed pilots, instructors, repair personnel and pilot examiner.
  • Commercially rated & commercially insured assures you a premium service.
  • Comfortable seating capacity inside our recovery vehicles.
  • Experience; senior pilots flying with a perfect safety record for over 35-40 years. The longevity says it all, originally established in 1978.
  • Most of all. . . .WE would like the opportunity to give you that ever lasting thrill in one of our balloons.